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Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Kid Stays in the Picture

It's something of a running joke how bad Mike is at fantasy sports. As a rule, in a league full of jaded law students and absentminded engineers who forget to set their teams each week, the professional sportswriter still comes out rock bottom. It's surprisingly entertaining for the rest of us. I've been making quite a lot of beating him this year at fantasy football, but now I'm taking my lumps (what in hell does that phrase mean?) but good. My kicker and my quarterback managed to earn me negative points this week, and due to a series of improbable events I came up with a score so low that Mike actually beat me. What is this world coming to when people who talk trash about games actually get what they deserve? What's next? Socialized medicine?

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  • I wanted to comment about this, but then I realized I hadn't even checked my team. Better not open my mouth.

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