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Saturday, January 14, 2006

From the Froufrou Sports Desk

The best of part of the Olympic season is that it brings Anna and me together over the subject of figure skating. It's really the only event she likes during the games. And since it counts as a sport, it makes me feel good about this being a sports-related activity we can do together. Over the past three days, we've been flipping to the U.S. championships during commericials in the other things we've been watching. ESPN's coverage of the event has been a treasure trove of unintentional comedy. There was this exchange, during a discussion of who would take second place in the women's event:

Male commentator: I'm all over the place, orginally I though Kimmie Meissner, but I've watched Emily Hughes and I think she looks great and Alissa Czisny could win it as well.
Katerina Witt: Just like a man, you see one girl, fall in love with her until you see the next one.
Anna: Right, that guy's in love with girls
Male commentator: giggles miserably

Also it seems as though every couple in the ice dancing competition includes at least one person who became a citizen last week, and only then because of some Terri-Schiavo-esqe bill being pushed through the Congress. There was even a story about how the mother of an American-born contender lobbied Hilary Clinton to vote against one of those bills. This is, of course, exactly what the Framers had in mind when they wrote up Article I. Also, where are the U.S.-born ice dancers? Maybe there aren't any, which I actually find sort of reassuring.

I'm off tonight, so I think we're going to watch the women's free skate together. FFH is rooting for Emily Hughes because she has a big nose and because reader all-star Je Negresse profiled her in the Times magazine.

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