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Thursday, January 19, 2006

FFH Becomes a Footnote in History

So here's something cool: yesterday the following comment appeared on an old post of mine from September in which I made offhand reference to my dad's army unit from World War II:
Dear Anna:
I was interested in your comment about your father's experience with the 108th General Hospital during World War II. The hospital was sponsored by the medical school of Loyola University Chicago. I am on the faculty of Loyola in Chicago, and the archivist and I are presently trying to complile a history of the 108th. We have located a few staff members who served with the 108th. In cases where staff members are deceased, their children or spouses have been able to share memories that have also been very helpful to us. If you or your father might be able to share some memories about the 108th General Hospital we would really appreciate your help. Please contact me at [address]. Thanks in advance for any information you might be able to provide. Karen
I checked her out and she's actually on the faculty and not, as I initially suspected, pushing a Ponzi scheme. So to my mind, this just proves that blogs are a really good idea and not, as some have suggested, a series of one-(wo)man circle jerks.

P.S. Mike wanted me to title this post "Oral History in the Hizz-ouse" but I refused.

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  • Louis J Schilling Jr an ambulance driver in wwII in France, he has since passed on 1976 at an age of 55, I wondered if anyone knew him of that era it would be wonderful to learn about him that way. I know he was flat footed and to get out of pushing paper he botched it up so he could work with the trucks and in the field and feel as he's doing his fellow man some good. He knew German and my brother said dad said he picked up a wounded German had him shut up in german they would be killed by the Americans thinking they were Germans, dad slugged him one to prove the point and he was used to get the men to talk to us while at the 108 ad helped many and his community and was post commander he started his post 3944 in Overland Mo. He was volunteer fireman in scouts and set up a tower as a drill for the troop. He was quite the man. An aura about him. I love and miss him so.

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