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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Good Morning, Sunshine

Mike was going to blog tonight about Clocky, the prototype for an alarm clock that runs away and hides every time you hit snooze. But he forgot to blog and now he’s at work—so am I, come to that, but nevermind. Clocky is going to be covered in fur, and cute. This is clearly a better idea than the alarm clock Michael and I came up with when we were college freshman buddies. Our idea was for an alarm that played recordings of your parents having sex instead of a beep. Our slogan was “You’ll never hit snooze again!”

The more traditional, hairless alarm clock on our nightstand failed to go off one morning last week, making me almost an hour late for work. It made a good alarm for Michael, though, since he woke up to my ululations after I peeled my eyes open to discover it was already 8:30. The worst part about your alarm clock failing is that when you say your alarm didn’t go off, no one believes you. You might actually look more professional saying, “I just couldn’t be arsed to come to work at 8. I really wanted to make hash browns.”

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  • The clocky prototype in the LA Times is truly heinous. Could they come up with something better than covering it in ugly brown carpet?

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