Free-Floating Hostility

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Excuses, Excuses

Do forgive our laxity in posting this week. Michael is off at a writers' conference refining his mastery of the English language. I am crashing near campus with a classmate named Dara, whose secret service agent boyfriend off at a training session refining his mastery of handguns. Michael feels that means Dara's boyfriend wins. I agreed to let him hang around some male biostatisticians until he felt manly again.

The lovely Dara has deranged her life so that I can stay on campus late and work a few nights this week. In addition to feeding me and giving me shelter and putting up with my company, when she was beaten to the wait list of our cardio kickbox class by a horde of semi-violent undergrads she actually hung around the gym, not working out, till I was done. The least I can do in return is get off her computer and do my homework.

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