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Saturday, March 25, 2006

How Sick are you of this Story?

Breaking news: Someone at a newspaper (or to be specific a newspaper's website) has committed plagarism and has been fired. The funny twist on this story is that the material thief in question is a, gasp, conservative. In the spirit of feeding people who are wrong (figurative) shit, my first plan was link to a bunch of right-wing denunciations of the New York Times and such. But I don't believe comparative morality is a reasonable standard -- U.S. torture of Iraqi prisoners was tiddlywinks compared to what Saddam did to people, which would make snapping pictures of naked prisoners stacked on top of each or letting dogs bite prisoners acceptable.

I'm just going to take this opportunity to point out this particular pathology knows no political agenda (although I haven't actually heard of any left-wing bloggers getting popped for this) or racial preference (ahem, all of those who crushed the Times or The New Republic). It's a case of people -- who are often very young -- getting in over their head and screwing up in a public way. It's people who understand where the weaknesses are in certain systems and using that knowledge to get over on people. It's always wrong.

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