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Monday, July 11, 2005

What's in Mike's Vocabulary? Part II

More for the Michael Lexicon:

  • I'll wear that. Used when owning up to something, i.e. hating little league, listening to Harry Potter on tape while parked in his own driveway.
  • That's just how I roll. The defensive alter ego to "I'll wear that." Can be used to justify aberrant behavior from eating off the floor to orientalism.
  • Fuck Piece (var: Fuck Stick). Derogatory, i.e. the guy that turns without signalling is a total fuck piece.

These are some bits of California slang I'm trying to work naturally into my vocabulary, so far without success:

  • Agro. This, I believe, is an adjective meaning either "flipped out" or "about to flip out" or "prone to flipping out," and connoting aggression.
  • -osaurus. A suffix. Usage example: Where I would have said "crank up the a/c,"a native Californian might say, "A/C, man, crankosaurus rex." This is why moving across the country can be confusing.

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