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Monday, October 03, 2005

Shana Tovah!

So, it's Rosh Hashana, and we're not the sort of Jews* who suspend blogging on High Holy Days. We don't, for that matter, suspend anything except some comsumption of crap TV shows. Tonight we attended services at Bet Havarim, the local synagogue here in Davis. This time of year their congregation swells to something like four times its normal size, so they provide two separate services in order to fit everyone in. Last year we attended the traditional service and felt a little self-conscious about our lapsed (Mike) and fake (me) Hebrew. This year we attended the contemporary service, and while I felt a little more relaxed, Mike pointed out that the whole thing lacked gravitas. And although I had a good time, I do think it's important that we not relax our strict condemnation of the liturgical use of guitars.

*Apologies to those readers who don't consider me any sort of Jew at all**.

**An interesting aside; this summer someone asked me if I was Jewish in my brother's hearing and David answered that I was half Jewish and he was a quarter Jewish. That made a good amount of sense until a few hours later when it occurred to me that since we share 100% of heritage that was very meta indeed.

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