Free-Floating Hostility

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Yo, Mnemosene, what gives?

Sarah called me up last night because she had a song stuck in her head. To be specific, it was a song she'd heard exactly once, during a school assembly we attended in the 5th grade. A Brearley alum had brought her college a capella group to perform for us, and they sang a song of her own composing, titled "My Baby Loves Trash." Sarah thought it was really weird that she even remembered the song, much less had it stuck in her head, so she called me. "Ok, I know this is a long shot, but do you remember this song..." she explained to me the situation, and goddamn if I wasn't able to sing to her two lines, "My baby loves trash/my baby leaves his trash all over the house," and even added in the clapping. Once Sarah had reminded me of the line "I think it's time to trash my baby," I had it in my head too. Isn't that insane?

As a footnote, I looked it up and it turns out the song wasn't actually of the girl's composing. It's by some ex-group called The Bobs, and the lyrics are available to the curious.

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