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Saturday, December 08, 2007

We Miss you Too

The blog just...looks so sad. On a night like tonight when I have no plans, feel slightly unwell, and show no signs of addressing my pullulating to-do list, perhaps I shall give you an update on what's up with FFH. This will be in no way systematic.
  1. Soccer. Soccer is definitely up with FFH. Mike has finally accepted that hockey is moribund, and has taken up a new, young sport on the rebound. As US soccer remains a bit pointless, he currently roots for Tottenham Hotspur , which in my opinion beat out the Baltimore Ravens for best literary team name. The Tigers have gotten so good Mike was forced to latch on to a team in difficulty just to keep his sense of self. I myself favor Palermo, primarily because they are geographically located near the ancestral seat in Sciacca, Sicily, and partly because I'll never have trouble identifying a pink and black uniform. As I write I am watching Palermo lead Fiorentina 1-0 because our TV now turns to Fox Soccer Channel as a matter of course without waiting for input from the remote. The ref is very sweaty.
  2. School. School is out. That being said, my PI has been heard referring to me as "Dr. Mirer of the future" or, sometimes, "Drs. Mirer of the future." I did recently purchase a pantsuit, and will be making a series of journeys to the South and Midwest in the coming months. I am deeply nervous and highly excited, but that is all I am currently willing to discuss. In fact, you can have five dollars right now if we can change the subject.
  3. Berkeley. If you haven't heard, we finally moved to Berkeley. We fit in so well here that Mike now owns two corduroy jackets. Do we think the etymology of corduroy could be the King's crown? And would that make any kind of sense? Anyway, we have a little house-ish cabin-ish thing called an in-law off our landlady's house. It's cute. And that means I no longer commute, but as you will have astutely guessed, it means my man does. Whatever, he's a better driver anyway.
  4. Simplicio just scored!!!! And now there is a big pile of men in pink and black grabbing each others faces and kissing on the soccer pitch. This is way better than hockey.
  5. Dogs. We still can't have a dog in our new place. This makes me very sad. Three of our neighbors have dogs. Ozzy is a semi-stray who Mike compares to Boo Radley. I am not convinced this dog would stand between me and Bob Ewell. He mostly strides up and down the block growling and acting like a pitbull with issues--which he is and which he has. The other dog is Champ. I believe him to be a Staffordshire terrier (another fighting breed), but he is Ozzy's negation--friendly, playful, charming, submissive. Champ only appears in the front yard tied up, and I think he is lonely. When I pass him on my way to work he cries because I won't stay and play with him--this, along with global warming, keeps me up at night. Gwendolyn is a ten pound fuzzball who, due to an early stint in the pound, thinks she is hard core. She regularly steps to Ozzy and tries to get in his face. It's hysterical.
  6. Chanukah. This afternoon I went shopping for tomorrow's Chanukah party. At Trader Joe's they are selling gelt under a sign that says "Chocolate Coins of the World. Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer!" This in San Francisco, for the love of Pete. Michael called up my dad today for a refresher course in his roast beef recipe. After hanging up he asked me in perplexity, "Do you think your dad meant cardamom when he told me to coat the meat in rosemary and Coumadin?" I thought yes, though we did agree it would be efficient to clog and then thin your blood all in one meal. It really is less stressful to be vegetarian, y'all.
  7. Weddings. The last time we were at Andy and Jesse's the former observed "straight people are always being invited to weddings." It's hard to argue, with Jeff & Sheryl coming up next month, Sarah & Ryan scheduled for June, and the last of my high school lesbian friends preparing to marry a man (though this last may be more a function of my being 27).
Ok. I'm going to go make some chamomile tea. Forza Palermo! E la squadra del mio cuore. Peace.

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