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Saturday, January 29, 2005

From the sports desk

The next sports media professional I hear complain about reporting the Terrell Owens injury story is cordially invited over for heaping helping of Shut the Fuck Up.

No one cares how repetitive you think the story is. Reporting it is your job. No one forced you into sports media (and you want to leave, could you kindly do so and make easier for me to move up in the business). There are lots of other stories to report surrounding the Super Bowl, but T.O. is accessible and a big star and that means this is an easy story to do. But because everyone in national media is now more personality than reporter, the viewing or reading public gets to learn how cool the press is rather than who they should bet on. That is, of course, all people really care about. And it's not the media's job to complain about what the public cares about. It's our job to report the story.

Then there's this baseball gem from Columbia graduate Ronald Blum:

AP Sports Writer
NEW YORK (AP) - Sammy Sosa is close to taking his home run hop all the way to Baltimore.
The Chicago Cubs are just a few steps away from trading the unhappy slugger to the Orioles, several high-ranking baseball officials told The Associated Press.
Medical tests and approval from commissioner Bud Selig and the players' association remain unresolved, the officials said Friday night, speaking on condition of anonymity.
The Cubs would pay a substantial part of Sosa's $17 million salary this season, the executives said. In exchange, Chicago would receive second baseman Jerry Hairston Jr. and at least two prospects.

I think O's owner Peter Angelos is a Democrat. And even if he's not, he is a labor lawyer and was the only owner not to field a scab team in 1995, so I like him. Since his team is destined to finish in third place in the AL East, I think he's bringing Sosa to Baltimore in order to taunt the President from close range. George W. Bush, when he owned the Texas Rangers, traded Sosa away. Frankly this may be the best argument against Bush's Social Security plan yet. I mean how can we trust any future projections this guy makes, he's the shmuck who traded Sammy Sosa.

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