Free-Floating Hostility

Saturday, April 23, 2005

In which my Family Further Courts Excommunication

As you probably all know, tonight at sundown will begin the festival of Pesach, when Jews around the world come together for two nights of celebration followed by a week of extended crabbiness caused by a diet free of expandable foods and rich in chopped liver. This year we are holding a proper seder (as in not just the two of us), and so I am very busy with cooking. This is the only funny thing to happen in the past 24 hours:

My brother David, who is a religion major preparing a thesis proposal this weekend on Spiritual Roots of 20th Century Nonviolence Movements, called and got Mike on the phone. Having established that I was out, the following dialogue ensued:

David: So, Ratzinger, huh?
Mike: Yeah. How do you feel about your new Pope?
David: I want to crap on his face.
Mike: He's German, you know, he might enjoy it.

Happy soon-to-be-Pesach, everyone.

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