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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Oh For a Digital Camera with Which to Entertain You

Today is Picnic Day in Davis, an annual rite in which the town takes to the streets to celebrate itself. Currently there is a parade going on a block from our house. It's a little like the Labor Day Parade in Detroit, where seemingly everyone is involved so there are a limited number of people to watch it. There are no floats, though many departments are marching behind a banner.

The classics department came dressed in toga with some guy purporting to be Caesar riding behind the group. The business school walked the streets in ties with briefcases and even had a black lab walking the group that was wearing a tie. Then there is the student radio station, which rode on the back of a truck screaming about its annual fundraiser. There wasn't much that really had to do with radio but I suppose they got the point across. There are lots of bands as well.

The other interesting thing is the sheer volume of 4H clubs in the parade. This is a cool little town, with a fun and quirky downtown and very specific energy thanks to the college. It's easy, therefore, to forget that Davis was conceived as the "University Farm," and that liberal artsy as the school gets, the point is still agriculture. Other, quieter, reminders of that point are Anna's spring sneezes as every plant in the history of the world blooms and the smell that carries into the baseball venue at UC Davis when the wind is blowing in.

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