Free-Floating Hostility

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tell those Malaysian Pre-teens to Take it Easy on the Starch

Sarah called me last night to ask if I knew what broken noses look like. Apparently, she was attempting to demonstrate that a certain hat had an exceptionally heavy brim, and wound up dropping it on her own face and bleeding. She says if her nose does turn out to be broken it'll be worth it just for the story. Mike says to tell Ryan to stop beating his girlfriend.

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  • Ryan took me to the Angels-Yankees game as an early birthday present on Tuesday night, and I believe that the cap used in the assault was the Angels cap he wore to the game.

    The seats were good enough that we didn't get mercilessly taunted because of the hat, but it's more than sad that Ryan would take out his anger towards A-Rod on Sarahs.

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