Free-Floating Hostility

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Ad Council Goes Apocalyptic

You probably hear about the Ad Council all the time on the radio, the people who sponsor all sorts of public service ads. Those are the ads that networks or newspapers who can't sell enough advertisments use to help fill time or space. Today, as I sprawled in front of the air conditioner like a pregnant dog, I saw a particularly bone-chilling ad on the local sports channel.

The pictures are three cute, freckle faced white kids with missing teeth. And the message is: "Have a plan in case of terrorist attack."

This is actually a decent idea in theory, but the tone is pretty frightening. It just seems like the Homeland Security Department, the Ad Council's co-sponsor, should adopt a tone that makes preparing for eventualities something a little less scary. I also think it is perhaps free Bush administration advertising since every time people are scared they seem to starting loving him. So there you go.

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