Free-Floating Hostility

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Score: Pedestrians-1, Anna-0

So, today I failed my first driving test. While this is not exactly cheerful news, it does represent improvement in that I took the test. In fact, before my automatic fail due to crossing an intersection with a truck in it, I was doing very well indeed. So if I can just keep from doing anything moronic on my next test...

Personally I blame the Religious Jewelry Store. Driving brings out the god fearin' in me like no other experience, so after a particularly harrowing practice session during which I almost killed No-Vegetables Adam three times, I ordered myself a St. Christopher visor clip. For those who were raised in less literal traditions, St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, and I wanted his symbol on my car for the protection of myself and everyone on the road. The box arrived sans medal, and Mssrs. Religious Jewelry Store are refusing to return my email. Besides the fact that I've grown nervous now about driving without St. Christopher's special protection, being at odds with purveyors of supernatural totems is not a spot where I'm happy to find myself. How are you supposed to take someone to small claims court who's got the jump on you by about 40 novenas, all of which were probably recited in the name of giving your attorney angina?

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