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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Art isn't Easy

Right, so, we're back. It's hard to blog about your goings-on over the weekend when most of your readership already saw it all. I want to do our trip justice, but I have to hand in a final in a really small number of hours. So here's what you're getting for now: I attended a farewell dinner tonight for Mona, my old friend/boss from the clinic who has taken a new job in the Bay Area. But before she went, her coworkers exchanged fond reminiscences surrounding one particular study which involved filing skin off of the test subjects' scrota. A sample of some of the unfortunate remarks the clinic staff has made during these procedures (and yes, they all resulted in the subjects' discomfort and shame):

  • Wow, you're longer than the table!
  • Hang on a minute, I'm just looking for a magnifying glass.
  • Hey, Janet, I need some help with this dipstick.
  • Could you take your clothes off please? (the subject was there for a vaccination in his arm)
  • Hehehe, hee hee, heheheh, heee hee hehehehe! (the staff member who made this remark was subsequently barred from assisting these procedures)

Ok, it ain't much, but I'll be funnier when finals are over.

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