Free-Floating Hostility

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Two by Two

No, we are not yet underwater. But apparently lots of folks nearby have been pulled out of swirling floodwaters in the act of rescuing their cats by national guardsmen just returned from Iraq.

Rich and Jimmy are supposed to come visit us tomorrow. We had a pre-visit consulatation this morning, during which I was surprised to learn we were having the Storm of the Century. It wasn't even raining. Sure, it was pissing it down all yesterday, but I was utterly perplexed when Rich informed me of all the flood warnings. I poo-pooed his concerns and said I'd see him tomorrow. Then Mike and I drove to the gym, past the swimming pool that was the Dog Run three days ago. Half an hour ago Mike called to say "certain parts of the county are fucked." I don't understand this, seeing as how it's still not even raining, but it's true. The Sacramento River is being diverted into various unpopular areas, such as ours. Modesto is under threat of flash flooding, and I-80 is closed at Fairfield.

I learned all this by watching KCRA-3, our local news, which I haven't done since I blogged about the puppy poisonings. The regular newscasters are off for the holiday, so the skeleton crew is loving their moment in the sun (har). The meteorologist could hardly contain himself when he warned "It's going to clear up tonight in time to celebrate New Year's Eve, but then tomorrow we'll ring in the New Year with another Pacific Storm, so gear up for that." Then he looked dead serious while he cautioned, "It's important to remember, however, that no rainfall records have been broken."

I really have no idea what's going on, besides the fact that Napa is now Atlantis. I'm going to boil some eggs and pack a suitcase just in case.

But it's not even raining. ???

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