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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pesach Parade

Joel and Rachel came to visit us for Passover again this year, proving that Hebrew School is thicker than water. Okay, so our seder was three days late, but it was still full of love and tradition. Mostly. I mean yeah, we substitute a spear of asparagus for the shankbone, but it's only cause we don't have a shankbone. We still call it a shankbone. We still explain the shankbone's role in Exodus and its symbolism today. And it's not like we condone hippie savagery like putting an orange on the seder plate.

This morning, as we all felt too full of leftovers to move, we sat around until it was time for Joel and Rachel to catch their planes to Portland and LA. Joel asked me how my crossword was going. "Just started," I said, "I finished the Acrostic though." "Acrostic?" he asked quizzically. "Yep, no Alzheimer's for me." "How do you expect me to believe you're preventing Alzheimer's when you're making up words for puzzles?" he retorted. "It's very cromulent of you."

On Wednesday one of my classmates wished me an early Chag Sameach, and a second classmate asked, "Is that Gaelic?"

Oh, and Happy Easter.

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