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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Collateral Damage

Sometimes you can tell a trend is on its way out, by seeing an article in the newspaper. Google's purchase of YouTube has already rocked my world. Following Tottenham's 2-0 win over a Turkish side in the UEFA Cup on Thursday, I went to a particular YouTube page to see video of the goals (seeing a Spurs goal this year is a rare sight indeed). But the guy who regularly posted the daily soccer highlights from English television has had his user account suspended. With most soccer clubs charging for video content, this has thrown a huge wrench in my plans to follow the sport this season. How frustrating.

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  • FYI, maybe I should be managing the Tigers. From Rotoword

    Placido Polanco-2B- Tigers Oct. 26 - 8:59 am et

    Manager Jim Leyland tweaked his lineup for the rained-out Game 4, dropping the struggling Placido Polanco from third to seventh.
    "I think every once in awhile you post the lineup," Leyland said, "and it looks different and everybody kind of looks back and takes it in, and once in awhile you hope just something like that maybe shakes things up." Leyland put Craig Monroe and Carlos Guillen at two and three, hoping they could set the table for clean-up hitter Magglio Ordonez. We'll have to wait until Thursday night to see if these changes can shake Detroit out of its offensive slumber.

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