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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Mother of All Friday Night News Dumps

Media relations professionals will tell you that Friday is designed to hide bombshells. Most reporters are trying to get out for the weekend and may have gone home, and Saturday news consumption is generally lighter than Sunday. So if you get something out on Friday, it goes in Saturday's paper and then can be referred to as "old news" on Sunday. So here's what we had last night.

John McCain in Not Acting Like a Total Asshole Shock

We found that Sarah Palin may or may not have violated any laws, but did act unethically (which may qualify her even futher to join John "Keating 5" McCain on the ticket)

I'm getting the same cringe when I see McCain that I got when I saw Kerry take three hours of his campaign in October to go hunting in Ohio. That was stupid pandering. This is something else. The video coming out of McCain rallies is generally pretty ugly (although what we're seeing does probably portray some selection bias). I'm happy that McCain undercut a week of really brutal personal attacks. But the fact that he was booed suggests that he's tapped into a really ugly vain of unhappiness that he really can't control. I hope it just stops at brutal language, although that's not necessarily the history we have in this country.

I empathize with those people a little bit. I remember wondering why Kerry and Gore weren't tough enough on Bush, as though if he just said the right thing it would convince everyone to vote the right way. But that's simply not the way it is.

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