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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I Hereby Make it a Hat Trick of Occupational Ironies

First I worked at an Occupational Health Center located atop a half-cleaned radioactive Superfund site.

Second, I enrolled at a School of Public Health wherein I spend most of my time in a condemned building.

Third, I now work at an Environmental Health Sciences Division, directly under a pipe that leaks unidentifiable, brown, smelly, cold nast onto the desk I share with three other students. It is a measure of how much I like my boss that I have agreed to wait another strategic week before she busts some heads.

And I have to wonder, are law students working in these conditions? Business students? Hmm?

I love Public Health, but at the rate I'm going after graduation I'm going to find myself conducting disease surveillance from inside a Porta-Potty, or studying injury prevention from inside a shark tank.

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  • The essential difference between graduate work in science v. humanities is that science is a group endeavor, rather than solitary study in a carel somewhere in the bowels of a library. The concept of hiding from your thesis advisor until you have results, common in the lab, is alien to the humanities where finding your boss is the problem. Finally, those who get PhD's were forced to do some actual scientific work, as opposed to MD's and JD's, who only had to not flunk any courses.

    Sorry for this pedantrant

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