Free-Floating Hostility

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blogger's Convention

After much consultation about the rising flood waters and whether all of the Napa Valley looked like New Orleans, Rich and Jimmy came to visit. They are low-key, self-sufficient guests, which was good news because my break from work was over, meaning they received exactly 1/2 the hospitality we usually offer, especially in the evenings.

We did show them the bowling alley in West Sac, where the automatic scoring was broken so every gutterball registered as four pins. They did hit the lower part of the Napa Valley, returning mid-afternoon yesterday packing cases of wine. And they left predawn this morning, to try and standby it back to New York earlier rather than later. So that was fun.

Rich got some pretty interesting pictures of the rising waters along I-80, but I don't know if those will make it onto his blog or not.

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