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Friday, January 27, 2006

Wait until the Goverment Gets ahold of These Searches

Anna and I are currently watching Season 1 of Lost on DVD, which may or may not be better than Desperate Housewives. That's not important. Anyway tonight, Anna tried to find out more information on Jorge Garcia, the actor who plays Hurley. We learned that he is from Omaha and (most importantly) older than we are. But since he is vaguely Hispanic, she wanted to figure out exactly what his ethnicity was.

So it was on to Google, trying out his name and multiple countries in that are south of this country. After Mexican, Paraguayan, Ecuadorian, Nicaraguan, Cuban, Colombian, Salvadorean, Peruvian, Honduran, Venezuelan, Dominican, and Puerto Rican, she had run out of countries. Then it was a Google images search for a map of South America. I, helpfully, had been mocking Anna for much of this time.

"Have you tried Chilean?" I sneered.

We had a winner.

"See how much faster this would have gone if you had helped me instead of taking the piss?" she asked.

Point taken.

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