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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thank you, Pornographers

The sight of Dikembe Mutumbo at the State of the Union speech tonight called to mind another of one of the man's other great moments in Washington. The story is recounted here, although I don't suggest clicking on the link. As legend has it, one night Mutumbo walked into a bar and called out, "Who wants to Sex Mutumbo?" There had been a web page devoted to this story, but I clicked through today and it is now a porn site. And while I imagine Mutumbo's life in college was probably something out of He Got Game (and you know what scenes I'm talking about), it is disappointing that the monument to it is gone. Also missing from the Internet is the Is Trent Lott Satan homepage. The URL wasn't memorable, so it's probably not yet a porn site.

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