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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Plums, Plums, Twiddling their Thumbs (etc)

I recently got a new pair of glasses to replace the taped up, bent up pair I'd been, much to my own mortification, wearing for two months. It is not easy to get an appointment at Kaiser, and if you miss one it is no easier to get a second. One afternoon in my boss's office the right earpiece betrayed me once again, slipping out of its sticky binding and falling to the floor. As I "repaired" it, explaining what I loser I am, my boss asked "You don't have the kind that bends every which way?" and took off his own to demonstrate how they can be practically folded in half without breaking. I thanked him for rubbing it in and explained that, no, I did not have that kind. I had cute purple Nautica frames not built to withstand the impact of a full grown woman stepping on them.

This time I was determined to purchase the sturdiest frames in the shop, and the devil with the cost. I communicated my desires to the kind man at the eyewear store, and he handed me something I am pretty sure I wore in the sixth grade. "Something less geeky, please," I requested, then hastily added, "I'm geeky enough all on my own." He responded by handing me a set of orange and wasabi green cat's eye frames. "More geeky, please." I came away with what I was assured were "trendy" specs, I guess cause they're hexagonal and rimmed only on the bottom. I had convinced myself at the time that they were red, but that's only the ears; the part you can see is a sort of bronze that's going to require me to step up my summer tanning as it currently clashes with my face. But the nearsighted among you will understand what I mean--getting a new prescription is nice. The world looks so beautiful and sharp that I go around compulsively touching the edges of things. I can't believe normal people see the world this way all the time.

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