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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Who Won? The Hot Guys Get Married in February Edition

The only funny thing in the weddings section today was someone who changed her name from Elizabeth Lee to Elizabeth Luu. Another strong performance for the women, though.

We've noticed that so far only one in fourteen couples with pictures has been gay. Is that just because it's the offseason? So much for the destruction of a sacred institution.

13 Februrary

Gay Couples with Clear Winner 0 of 0
Straight Couples with Clear Winner 5 of 6
Men: 2
Women: 3
Ties: 1
Disputed Results: 0

Year to Date

Gay Couples with Clear Winner: 3 of 3
Straight Couples with Clear Winner: 30 of 39
Men: 22
Women: 9
Ties: 4
Disputed Results: 5

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