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Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool's Day: A Compendium

I tend to avoid leaving the house on April 1. Since it was my day off, I executed my plan with aplomb. Still, April Fools jokes managed to find me. My old friend Joel from Detroit IMed to tell me that he was tired of Los Angeles, sick of not being able to meet people and thinking of moving back to Michigan and getting a job with General Motors. No, in fact he plans to continue living in L.A. until he sells a script.

Anna did have to go to work, and was greeted first thing in the morning with a letter informing her that her boss, Dr. Scaryman, was concerned about excessive lunch and bathroom breaks and was therefore putting everyone on a credit system. Anna reports she got all the way down to the voice-activated toilets before realizing what day it was. Her immediate supervisor, who tends to take luxurious lunches, read the memo with a quivering lip. However, the supervisor rebounded nicely and talked Anna into inserting Sarah's drawing of Wolf Baby (see below) into their guest speaker's presentation on pesticide exposure. Anna did report success in avoiding April (the person, not the month). April has successfully hoodwinked Anna so many times on non-Fool's days that Anna told her "you stay the fuck away from me until April 2nd."

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