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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wait? The Bush Administration Might have Lied in its own Self Interest

In Al Franken's book Lies he describes a sketch called the "100-foot President" that was written for Saturday Night Live. In the sketch, the president gets exposed to gamma rays that makes him enormous. A reporter asks the press secretary, "Is it true that president is more than 100 feet tall?" The Press Secretary answers, "No. Absolutely not, that's entirely untrue." The reporter follows-up, "Is the president more than 90 feet tall?" Press Secretary, "No comment."

So the FBI has talked to former Guantanamo Bay detainees, who say that the Qu'ran was in fact desecrated by interrogators. One detainee reported that a Qu'ran was flushed down a toilet. That sounds eerily similar to something that was reported in Newsweek last week. Those stories were vehemently denied by the administration, which said that the magazine was a bunch of liars who were responsible for getting a bunch of people killed in Afghanistan.

Given that the sources of the information are not necessarily trustworthy, perhaps we're about to learn that interrogators did desecrate the Qu'ran, they didn't flush it down the toilet.

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