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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Puppy Bunting

In further news of little brothers for big sisters, my parents have just announced the adoption of Ponto, a four-year-old black lab mix who is making five-year-old Rhoda insanely jealous. Apparently Rhoda barked, growled and whined the whole way home and followed him around the apartment announcing that he didn't belong until Ponto "told her where to get off" as my dad put it. I'm sure they'll become friends eventually.

Sarah and Ryan also recently adopted a dog and rechristened her Lucy (thanks to Jeff for the photo). Lucy is an ex-breeding mom for non-allergenic seeing eye dogs, and has herself trained as an assistant for autistic kids, only that career plan fell through and Sarah got her. Lucy is apparently very well trained, but so eager to please that she doesn't relieve herself unless she is convinced that Sarah won't be mad by methods that as Sarah's friend I simply cannot repeat to you. Lucy is also scared of other dogs, which is what makes me think Lucy, Ponto and Rhoda should get together for a puppy playdate.

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