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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Yenta Gene Proves Dominant

Some of you may remember my coworker F, from when he went on vacation at the same time as my boss and left me on the Sports Desk all by myself. Well sometime in the coming week, he'll have a date with Anna's soon-to-be replacement at her soon-to-be-former job.

How did this happen?

Well the replacement, whom we will call Nerisa, came into the office today complaining about her horrid date the previous night. "Where did you meet him," Anna asked.
"In a club," Nerisa said.
"Ooo, that's always a real grab bag."
"Yeah, but where are you going to meet people?" Nerisa asked.

Apparently, Anna's answer was "at the desk next to my husband."

I received an e-mail. "Would F be interested in going out with Nerisa?"

I am slightly wary of setting up friends, but F was fairly open about being broken up with his most recent girlfriend and also about being interested in having sex again. And, Anna points out, she's not sure F is actually my friend.

So our conversation went something like this:

"So, Anna's been training the person who is replacing her, and thought you two might get along, so if you're interested, I'll have Anna get in touch with you."
"What do you know about her?" F asked.
"All I know is that she's 6-3," I said.
"That's never a problem," F said.

So just like that a fix-up is born. Hopefully they'll get together and have lots of really tall babies. Or not. We'll keep you posted.

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