Free-Floating Hostility

Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's next, Bulemia?

Anna has never seen my chin, which is actually
a tradition in my family because Queenie has never seen Fritz's upper lip. Mystery keeps a marriage fresh, you know.

So I got goatee trim on Tuesday morning, mostly to keep Ron Artest guessing, but also because using nail scissors over a long period of time tends to make the goatee look a little gnarled. Anyway, I think the guy took a little too much hair off because since I had it done, Anna has been chuckling to herself about how tiny my chin is. If you were looking at me from above, my nose would look like a cliff with nothing underneath. Profile, I think, is not my best look.

In taking the photo, I had a hard time keeping my head up straight, which Anna claimed was from being top heavy. The truth is I'm just a diva, and wouldn't stay still until she had secured some blow. Posted by Picasa

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