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Monday, April 17, 2006

Committing to Quality Journalism

The Pulitzers were announced today, something that took plenty of notice in a baseball press box where there was a dull doubleheader and wireless Internet. That's not, as you may have guessed, optimal conditions for attention to the ball game.

Anyway the following conversation occurred between me and the writer for the Big Paper.

"Hey, you win $10,000 if you get a Pulitzer," he said. "That's it, I'm actually going to have to win one next year."
"Not if I win one first," I replied.
"I'll be the first one to win for writing 12-inch notebooks about a minor league baseball team," he decided.
"I'll win for Investigative reporting in my Where's Homeboy series?" I said, referring to former intern at both of our papers whose default setting was annoy and whose last day in journalism involved him bailing out halfway through of a college softball doubleheader mumbling something about the police. I began my investigation by checking out California's Megan's Law site, but he wasn't on it.

All kidding aside, the breaking news photography from the Dallas Morning News is incredible, though fairly upsetting. There's some navigation involved, but it's worth your time if you have 20 minutes and a strong stomach.

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