Free-Floating Hostility

Friday, April 07, 2006

Lacrosse Players are (Probably) Insufferable Pricks

I don't currently have anything original to add to the story of Duke Lacrosse team, especially after this piece by someone named David Jamieson was posted today on Slate. Race is a major part of this story, especially given the backdrop in a southern working class town that host to an "elite" university. But most everyone is ignoring the class implications in this whole sordid mess. Jamieson is writing from his own experience, painting with the same broad brush that NBC used when it targeted bigots in NASCAR crowds. But just because something is unfair doesn't mean it is is incorrect. I have never spent any extended period of time with men's lacrosse players, but I have been around with rich white guys from fancy schools, and this rings absolutely true to me.

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