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Friday, May 12, 2006

Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage...

Alexia, an old friend from high school, got married recently in some idyllic beach setting. Idyllic beach weddings are one of the perks that come with opening and then selling New Zealand's only pilates studio. This was one of the photos she sent me, and obviously my favorite. Hers too I suspect. She dared me to use it in my alum notes column. More specifically she dared me to send it to a certain member of our school's alumnae association, with whom my name is already several grades worse than mud ever since I accidentally sent her an email regarding her son's high school sex life. Well, I'm not brazen enough to take Alexia up on her dare, but I feel that posting the picture here will still demonstrate the value of not daring me. Posted by Picasa

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