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Monday, June 26, 2006

Yes, More Soccer

A work colleague sent this site, which helpfully tells you what your name would be if you, in fact, played for the Brazilian national soccer team. I am either Mirado or Michainho, depending on the version of my first name that I use.

Slate explained that Brazil's one-name thing, is a custom that dates back to Portgal's charming colonial custom of calling imported African slaves by informal names. Informal nicknames are now class identifiers, which I would imagine is rather important given the rampant poverty among much of the footballing class in Brazil. The best part of Brazil's team is that among the usual sprinkling of lyrical names -- like Robinho, Miniero and Dida -- are people called Fred and Kaka.

Yes. I am just going to let that last name sit out there.

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