Free-Floating Hostility

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Taint your Wagon

The problem with Oregon Trail is that people in your wagon die. At first I was putting Mike in my wagon, followed by a selection of three of you lot, different each time. But Mike was unsettled by my periodically screaming "Oh no! You have dysentery!" and when my friends would die I would quickly lose interest in pressing on to Willamette Valley. Who wants to see Oregon if you can't bring your friends? Since you're not allowed to squat, sulking, in between Soda Springs and Fort Hall, I would usually quit the game, thus introducing a certain bias into my scores. So, like any good epidemiologist would, I have decided that only my enemies can join my travel party. Sure, it's a real drag to be stuck in a wagon for five months with Skinny Ho, Dr. Amazing, Judy the Slag and Ass Face, but it does make it easier to keep a stiff upper lip. Mike has been using characters from Rome. It's hard to get too worked up over the early demise of Titus Pullo when he's already been dead for 1900 years.

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  • Hey Anna, it's Allison from CTY (in '93!) I followed Jess's link to your CTY article, but then took a while confirming that you were actually the Anna I knew and I was not about to frighten some poor girl by claiming to know her. You can find me as greyathena on Livejournal if you want to catch up!

    And I love Oregon Trail, but I was always the one who died when the oxen thingy broke and our wagon went into the water.

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