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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Turning Back Time

I never had a video game system at home. Still, I can (or used to be able to) recite the 30 lives code from Contra and remember the great fun that was NBA Jam. It seems, however, that my desire to play games ended in 1993, before all the really good systems came out.

I already have the NES emulator to play Super Tecmo Bowl and the SNES to play NBA Jam. Today, however, I took the next logical step. I downloaded an Apple IIe emulator in order to play Oregon Trail, which is probably a shared experience for most people our age. Well, I can report that it hasn't lost its brilliance yet. So far I've reached Oregon twice and left a pair of tombstones. I plan to keep going, because it's 112 degrees outside and we have air conditioning.

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  • My brother sent me this Tecmo Bowl link yesterday: . I think it captures the spirit, or -- should I dare, yes I shall -- the zeitgeist of the Tecmo Bowl era.

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