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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Get to Know Nancy

Lola informed me this weekend that she is now serving as director of events for Nancy Skinner, a Democratic candidate for Congress in Michigan's 9th district. This is big news. In my family, getting your first political job is to be jubilantly celebrated like a bat mitzvah or similar. I have never actually had a campaign job, but I did join a union once, which received a similiar reception. The job of the director of events, as Lola explains it, is convincing people to hold house parties. I'm not entirely clear about how this differs from her life in high school, but she assures me it does. I suggested that the campaign adopt the slogan, "Joe Knollenberg is a bag of shit: Vote for Nancy Skinner" Lola plans to run that up the flagpole.

Interestingly enough, the candidate used to be a radio host. Her bio says she was an early member of Air America, but in fact her show was syndicated nationally by a UAW-supported radio network. That network even reached our corner of New Mexico. Imagine my surprise one morning, when I heard something other than right wing blather coming from my car speakers. The afternoon lineup for our talk radio station went from Rush to Dr. Laura to a sports guy that has his lips affixed to Rush's ass. This description, I realize, doesn't set him apart from most other sports radio hosts.

Skinner was talking about Annika Sorenstam's plan to play in a PGA Tour event. Mostly Skinner was crushing Vijay Singh, who had said earlier in the week that Annika shouldn't be playing with men. I remember Skinner saying that she didn't know much about golf and soliciting opinions. Her only call came from Jason, my sports editor. Jason, who has hopes of his kid becoming a pro golfer, stayed on the line and explained golf until I crossed the city limits and cruised out of range. The following Monday, Skinner had been replaced by G. Gordon Liddy.

And speaking of radio, Jason had a wild night with the local radio newsreader at a birthday party for one of our colleagues. At some point in the evening, perhaps while they were in flagrante, she dropped her catch phrase ("This is (blank) (blank) with Basin-area News") only she said "This is (blank) (blank) with Jason-area News." When he passed this on to me, I mastered my impulse to run out of the office immediately and tell Anna, waiting instead until I got home. Months later, and during a drunken game of Trivial Pursuit, Anna dropped the line to Jason. His response: "Mike, you snitchin' motherfucker."

So you see, the circle remains unbroken.

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