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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

To Dare is To Do

Early in the World Cup, and after reading the Guardian and Times sport pages and listening to the accompanying podcasts, I decided that I was going to follow the English Premier League this year. To do that, the best way would be to pick a team and follow it. My decision was based on the fact that I knew some of the players from the English national team (especially Aaron Lennon) and that Spurs was not a member of the G-14. If you haven't heard of G-14, it's the most audacious thing in sports. In 2000 some of the grand old football clubs got together and decided they would form an alliance devoted to making everything difficult for all the other ones to enter big club tournaments and destroying international soccer. It's sort of like if the Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox and Dodgers got together and joined forces to both crush the Royals and Pirates and then stamp out the World Baseball Classic. Actually...

This morning ESPN's Sports Guy announced that he, also motivated by the World Cup, would be adopting Spurs as his team. I actually enjoy Simmons' work, putting me in the distinct minority among my professional bretheren. So I'm happy to welcome him to the growing number of Tottenham Hotspur supporters here in California. I'm just going to point out once that I was here and here first.

Now, go Spurs.

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