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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ada and the Great Glass Elevator

This has been a slow wedding year for FFH. We were only invited to two, and could only attend the reception for one of them. Last night we went to Ada and Jody's reception. They actually got married two weeks ago in Hawaii, but we weren't there, so this was a nice way of tying in the rest of us. The Hawaiian experience was recreated for us with ukelele music, Piña Coladas and a "beach chic" dress code. There was, however, a huge glass elevator in the middle of the party space, which two child guests rode up and down all night, pausing only to let the wedding party make its entrances. Ada wore her wedding dress, and Jody wore his barong and the hard-won strappy sandals. We forgot about the beach chic part and turned up in a suit and strapless cocktail dress respectively, but many guests had made similar choices. We looked hot, though, and us looking hot makes Ada look hot, so I feel we held up our end.

Mike was immediately transfixed by the fondu fountain, which could have come from Willy Wonka's factory. Whichever of you is next to get married, you have to have a chocolate fountain. Equally transfixing was the lechón lying in state on the buffet table. When Ada's brother gave the first toast, it included, "I know this will last, because I'm not dragging another 400-pound pig across four counties." I was worried I might give someone vegetarian offense, but by the time I got to the buffet, there was nothing left but a head.

This was our first chance to show off our new dance moves, so naturally we forgot to practice and wound up in mortal struggle (to borrow Jesse's description) on the dance floor. We finally had to retire to argue over the steps. We represented on the early nineties music, though I was forced to incorporate cinching my dress back up into my routine. When we left, Ada thanked me for dancing my ass off, but I was a little displeased with myself. I really prefer to close weddings down. But I have grown so unused to booze that I found myself a little bit unsteady around 10:00 and decided to call it a night.

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  • I suppose there was a hidden Willy Wonka theme to it, glass elevator, all the chocolate and candy, plus all those people prancing around in orange. Not to mention my family (including me, who, based on their average height could be some Oompa Loompa/human hybrids!

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