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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Guided Tour of the Blogosphere

I recently (last week, but only got around to posting it till now) spent a few minutes hitting the "next blog" button and being sent to random blogs. There really is wonderful stuff out there, I love how democratic the institution of blogging is--within the world of the computer literate of course. Anyway, this is what I found:

I was first sent to The Mystery of Modernity, the work of an Irishman named Shuman who is probably weirded out by the fact that he's suddenly getting all these hits from Sacramento, California as I've been back several times this week. I thoroughly enjoyed his post about taking his kid to the movies for the first time, and he provides some interesting links, including to a story about Reuters swallowing a faked photo. Regarding the latter, Shuman eloquently put it, "I guess if you are in the business of informing with integrity then you pretty much better have your own integrity sorted before you start."

Encouraged by my first encounter with random blogging I hit the button again, and this time was sent to Thinkerup. That blog's author had posted the following inspirational quotation: "If your cherished wife, your closest friend or one of your children becomes involved in this, you must maintain your allegiance to the Lord and be done with them. We become involved in doctrinal battles and suddenly we say, 'Well, you may be right. You may have the correct view of Scripture, but I just don't think that I want to part friendship over this.' The process of erosion begins."

The next blog was World of Vickee. Vickee is a stay-at-home mom with a lot of interesting things to say. She has quite a mouth on her too (and good for her). Here's a sort of mini-manifesto:
I know those of you who have jobs are thinking 'Oh, put a fucking sock in it! I do everything that you do, and work too!' Well, possibly. But I would not consent to working 2 essentially full-time jobs. My husband would have to do more or fork over the funds to pay for what he is not doing, chore-wise, around the house. And he works at least 60 hours a week. Usually more. When he makes the 'Go back to work so I can eventually retire' noises, I wave the Word document I created with the 3 columns showing task/time/$$$ to hire out and ask him which half he is going to do, or pay to hire out. End of discussion.

My last visit was to a blog called A Goy's World. I was encouraged by the title, but I have to admit I was wary when I realized the rest of the blog was in German. I was forced to resort to Babelfish. That revealed that the blog's About statement was "My way as a German and Gentile," more ominous still. The Babelfish translation of a poem quoted was rather obfuscating: "A pebble on a leg humpelte to drink. O pain, the brook was not so upper flat - he did into it sinks." So, I plowed ahead and translated a few posts. I was relieved when I stumbled upon what I believe was a descripion of a peace rally:
The demonstration "against Antizionismus and Antisemitismus" ran to Friedrichstrasse corner under the lime trees - then and I were made hungry and to have us of it - peacefully. I no unpleasant incidents e.g. glasflaschen or stahlkappen noticed. There were 500 to 1000 people. Approximately five anti-Germans were there, otherwise participants mixed from the age and the sexual adjustments. Except us no Prominenz. Also there Johnny Mutante was.

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