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Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Carman 11 Baby

Last weekend, like many of you, I got a call from Dave. "So, you know how Rich is engaged?" he said.

"No," I answered, bewildered. "I know Jeff is engaged." This is it, I thought to myself.

"Well, everyone knows that," Dave said dismissively, "But you know how Rich announced his engagement on his blog?"

"Um, no," I repeated, cause I am a bad friend. She's so pregos.

"Well, that's crazy, but we're about to blow that out of the water for craziness. Sharon's expecting."

Being an egomaniac in addition to a bad friend, I blurted out "I knew it!" before getting around to the congratulations.

"If you had looked around the table on a Monday night at the West End in 1999, would you have picked me as the first to have a baby?" Dave asked. Well, no, but that's one of the nice things about Sharon.

Later, when I had Sharon on the phone and congratulated her on her fertility, she informed me that was the second-best response, the best being her grandmother who asked, "Was it an accident?" (It's planned).

So, Baby Form is due some time around July, and this is very, very, very , very cool. We realize that, technically, Baby Form is not the Carman 11 baby due to its having been preceded by Baby Medina, but we also think that doesn't really count, and are prepared to exercise our discretion in this matter.

My deepest apologies for being a week late with the posting of this news, which is in no way reflective of my excitement about it.

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