Free-Floating Hostility

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Women of the World, Commence your Mourning

My baby brother called tonight to tell me that he is getting married to his girlfriend Anna Rose in July of 2008. Despite my heartfelt happiness at the news I didn't manage a very big reaction because it was just thoroughly expected. Apparently, David proposed during the first week of their acquaintance. I had an inkling things were trending this way about a month into their relationship, the day David told me he was so in love he had spent the whole morning trying and failing to leave bed and fetch a banana. The two have been trading off weekends to fly back and forth from Michigan to New York in order to spend time together (despite all this, Anna Rose told me that my parents were surprised at the news, which can only be deemed puzzling). I have not yet met Anna Rose in person, but I look forward to the upcoming dowry negotiations.

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