Free-Floating Hostility

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Why I read the style section

Well, from today's Times comes the latest in voter supression:

Last week an 18-year-old Marine recruit in West Palm Beach, Fla. was arrested for threatening to stab his girlfriend, partly, the authorities said, that she planned to vote for Senator John Kerry.

"You'll never live to see the election," he reportedly told her before sheriff's deputies subdued him with a Taser gun.

In other election news, my mother is headed to Saginaw, Michigan to watch the polls. She reports an itchy trigger finger on her cell phone to report any GOP attempts at voter supression. It should be noted that my mom is an absolute barricuda. My dad will also be watching the polls and he and my sister spent the weekend phonebanking for the good guys. My parents have already cast their votes for Kerry.

My wife contributed to the cause this weekend by kicking some guy at a Halloween Party after he suggested that anyone stupid enough to give their voter registration cards to Voters Outreach of America deserved to be disenfranchised. It should be noted that the kickee was the host of the party.

I prepared for the election by drinking all weekend in San Luis Obispo to mourn the meaninglessness of my own vote. The highlights of the trip were a great football game and a trip to Morro Bay. On the drive north this morning, however, I noticed how every paper had some story about couples who were voting for different people. This is only an interesting story if Tasers are involved.

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