Free-Floating Hostility

Monday, November 29, 2004

Surprise! I'm a Giant Market-Glutting Slug!

After five post-free days, our faithful readers deserve our analysis of nothing less than the most pressing news. So we jump right in with the story the New York Times thought important enough to run below the fold on Sunday's edition: Alpaca Farming. Since 34 is temporarily offline thanks to some stroppy publisher at the Spectator, Free-Floating Hostility is here to pick up the slack. VoilĂ  the key passage:
But there are plenty of skeptics, who say that alpacas' value is anything but certain. What if they die? What if the bottom falls out? What if the alpaca bubble bursts, as did the emu, ostrich and llama bubbles?
In other llama-related news, I was recently reunited with my old friend Jess, the originator of the giant llama-eating slug. She reminded me of the existence of some forgotten llama texts, including "The Masochistic Llama," as well as some repressed memories such as the nickname of my first boyfriend at nerd camp--Justin the Virgin.

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