Free-Floating Hostility

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Jon Stewart is sad

With the election over, President Bush has turned to his second-term agenda: killing a bunch of Americans in Iraq, permanently impovershing anyone who makes less than 100 large and preparing the icebergs on which we'll send our retiring seniors out to sea. It seems to be too much for Jon Stewart, who appears unable to find the humor in any of this. Of course I don't really blame him. None of this is funny.

Bush the candidate was easily mocked as someone who could deliver empty rhetoric in a heartfelt tone. That was easy to mock. Now he's actually the president again and his party controls the entire government. It's frightening. I fear Stewart has become too earnest to survive the Bush adminstration. The record is starting to mount, the appearance on Crossfire and now his glum countenance since the election. He still uncorks gems like this from last night: "President Bush's election victory, combined with GOP gains in Congress have given America's Christian conservatives, well, whatever it is they get instead of boners." But his heart's not in it. Stewart has the rare gift of pointing out hypocrisy without sounding shrill, which is a skill that few on the left actually possess. Hopefully he gets a good vacation over the holidays and comes back angry rather than miserable.

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