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Sunday, December 05, 2004

You Can Feel it All Over

Reader All-Star Dave alerted Free-Floating Hostility to this article on Bush's new plan to end the adjusting of how much federal tax we pay based on how much we pay in local and state tax. As a Big Giant Coincidence, the new plan penalizes blue states out of all proportion, including, for instance, New York and California, both of which already put in lots of money to the federal government and get a lot less back, even after 9/11.
'Mario Cuomo practically lived in Washington for a couple of months fighting to
keep that deduction,' economist Bruce Bartlett, a former Treasury Department official, said of the then-governor of New York. 'Eventually the
Reagan people backed down. It's pretty tough to do.'
Stupid useless Pataki/Schwarzenegger mediocrityfest. Someone post and tell me where I can sign up to campaign for the dissolution of the electoral college.

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