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Monday, February 28, 2005

See, I can be Grumpy About Important Issues, too

Two members of the California State Assembly introduced a version of Oregon's Death with Dignity Act to the floor last week. You know, the Kevorkian one. This seems fairly huge to me, not only because I am a Californian who will eventually die, but because the aforementioned Oregon law will come before the supreme court next fall. But for some reason, nobody's talking about this, not even if you count bloggers as somebodies.

I am not even positive what introducing a bill to the state legislature entails. I believe the Assembly reconvenes on Thursday, at which point they presumably catch up on each other's vacation stories over tuna melts before getting down to the Compassionate Choices Act. I wish someone with a Google ranking high enough to make himself helpful would tell me what's going on. A few days ago I at least had the Assemblymembers' press release; that was better than the three articles I found, each of which contained large chunks of the relase interspersed with awkward transition-prose. But now that the Eureka Times-Standard has written an editorial whose message is Free Your Mind and the Rest will Follow, the Assemblymemberstaff has replaced the release with the editorial. Yes, I'm sorry, I withdraw my earlier generalization. The Eureka Times-Standard is not nobody. Quite.

Even if this bill turns out to be the product of two crackpot left-wingers jerking each other off, I still want the facts. Why won't anyone give me facts? I can't spend my whole life googling state legislation. I have a job, you know.

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