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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Like Living in Hobbs Again

Coinciding with the diet (I'm down to 202 pounds, which puts me about where I was during the Super Bowl freshman year) was a decision to maintain a household budget. What that actually meant was a virtual elimination of meals out, except for special occasions. That also meant that Starbucks, which I actually equate with civilization, from our day-to-day life.

When I first arrived in Davis, there was nothing more annoying to me than to hear people complain about the Starbucks phenomenon. Maybe if you're around it every day, passing four shopfronts on your walk to work from the subway, it can seem a little overbearing. But when you live in Hobbs, NM, 90 miles from Lubbock (i.e. the nearest Starbucks, which, in fact, was actually a Barnes and Noble with a coffeeshop). But now the only time Starbucks enters my life is when I fill up the thermos that Anna gave me with whole bean coffee I picked up at Mishka's (and if you've visited us, you know the joy of Mishka's) and carry it around and sit in open spaces because I live in a town committed to open space. This way I get my civilization and I'm not paying $3 for a latte multiple times per week.

And as an added aside, I am a dieter now so I know that a grande latte, my usual drink, has 200 calories.

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  • So 6'2" and 202 # calculates to a BMI of 25.9. A BMI of 24.9 is the upper bound of normal. However, according to the scolds at CDC, 64% of Americans are overweight or obese. So normal would be abnormal.

    Because there is no Starbucks on a big street in the neighborhood, BrooklynDodger does his interviews in a Tim Horton's. The regular coffee is awful, and the specialty coffees are basically warm or cold milkshakes.

    Personally, I have never understood the passionate hostility of various cosmopolites to Starbucks.

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